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Attic and Loft Conversion

At some point in every homeowner’s life a desperate cry arises from the depths of the heart, if only we had more space.

Converting your Loft/Attic is a great alternative to add new spaces in your home without sacrificing the outdoor areas. Loft/Attic conversions have become increasingly popular due to the short construction time, relatively low cost and can add real value to your home.

We specialise in Loft/Attic living conversions, roof extensions and creating habitable attic rooms that will transform your home. We have the know-how and experience in creating all kinds of Loft/Attic conversions from simple roof space storage to extensive conversions projects involving roof re-pitch and extension, dormer windows and second storey additions.

Wright Renovation can support you with your Loft/Attic project:

Loft/Attic Conversions – Wright Renovations have all the knowledge and skills to manage Loft/Attic projects whether you want to build or convert one.

Loft/Attic to Home Office Conversions – Convert your Loft/Attic into a stylish and inspirational home office space!

Loft/Attic to Bedroom Conversions – Expand upwards, convert, or build a Loft/Attic, and give your beloved guests or family members a place where they can relax and rest

Loft/Attic to Storage Conversions – Store everything, including important papers, linen, sports gear, and all other household items, neatly behind closed doors with the help of our renovation specialists

Loft/Attic to Nursery and Playroom Conversions – Our renovation specialists can help you design and convert a safe, comfortable, good looking and practical room for your children