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landscape, outdoors & alfresco

A beautiful outdoor space is a wonderful way to get the most use out of your property. Entertaining and relaxing doesn’t have to be limited to within the four walls of your home. Many memories are created with friends and family in the backyard. When done correctly, your outdoor space can act as an open-air extension to your home that’s perfect for any purpose.

Whether you want to create an outdoor space for relaxation, entertaining, or dining, choose Wright Renovations. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to plan and create the al fresco domain of your dreams.

Wright Renovation can support you with your outdoor/alfresco Renovation project

Paving and Patios – More suited to level sections, the paved patio is a durable, sophisticated take on outdoor living.

outdoor/alfresco Kitchens – Be the life of the party by creating an outdoor kitchen

outdoor/alfresco showers – The feeling of bathing in the open air is hard to beat. This renovation is also very practical for beachgoers, and sports stars as it allows you to get clean without bringing any sand, mud, or grass into the home.

outdoor/alfresco Shelters and Awnings – At Wright Renovation we can guide you through your range of options and build an awning that blends with the home and provides the right amount of shelter from the elements

Decking – At Wright Renovation we have professional deck builders that can help you create the deck that is right for your needs and within your budget.